New Discoveries

Happy Tuesday, y’all. Today started bright and early with the alarm going off at 4:40 and me rushing out of the house to teach spin class. I did my usual warm-up workout before class, and cranked through three Bodypump tracks (just to get some additional practice). Then it was time to teach an intense 50-minute ride, and off to work for me! So now I just need to make it through the day because I have two wonderful things waiting for me this afternoon: #1 my bi-weekly deep tissue massage and #2 TACO NIGHT. (We’re using tempeh and black beans tonight!)

I picked up two new-to-me products over the weekend that I am loving. I went to Wegmans, which I rarely shop at because it’s just so overwhelming and big.Also, every time I got there, I spend way too much money because there are always new products (and they have a pretty big and impressive organic section).

I was looking for some new wraps and spotted these:

Actually, I spotted the “everything” flavor first (which was like an everything bagel) and then saw these. I am a sucker for pumpernickel! First of all, these suckers are HUGE. It’s kind of hard to believe that they’re only 80 calories a piece, too (but they say they are!). They have four other flavors, all of which I will have to try, that you can see on their website. They are also vegan, fyi.

When I bought these on Friday, it was in the late morning, so I was happy to be able to try one right away for lunch. I had some leftover steak and grilled veggies from kebabs that Greg had grilled two nights before, so I combined that with a bunch of mixed greens and a Laughing Cow French Onion wedge spread on the tortilla.

Today I have a container packed with avocado, two hard-boiled eggs, tomato, onion and mixed greens to stuff into a tortilla. I can’t wait until lunchtime….


Another awesome find at Wegman’s were these protein bagels (of which I gave a sneak peak of yesterday).

I don’t know why, but I recently just got a hankering for bagels. I’m not even a bagel person. I’d actually prefer a nice hearty, nutty piece of whole grain bread any day. But, like I said- I had bagels on my mind. I was looking in the frozen organic section first and reading labels and such, and then spotted these in the bread section. Of course the words “high protein” got my attention right away. They were a little pricey, but as soon as I checked out the nutritional stats, I was sold!

In case you can’t read it- that says 260 calories per bagel (and they are HUGE!), 7 grams of fat, 25g carbs, 4g fiber, 5g sugar and a whopping 28 grams of protein! They are actually made with a whey protein blend- so yeah- these are not for the vegans. They also had bread with similar stats, which would be good to get for sandwiches (one thing at a time here, folks!). I’ll be completely honest- these taste good. Not GREAT- the texture is a little different than a “real” bagel, but they’re still pretty good (and good enough for me). I’m not sure how they would be straight out of the bag because of the different texture, so I’d recommend toasting them. I had one with just some butter spread on top over the weekend- and that tasted awesome. But, one of these paired with a little nut butter and fruit and/or yogurt makes a perfect breakfast. Or eggs, of course.


Some other new things I’m excited about? Well, the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey started…

I can’t get enough of this trashy drama- I love it! New Jersey has always been at the top of my list, with Beverly Hills being second. I also really loved DC and am sad that it probably won’t be coming back. I used to like New Jersey, but not so much anymore. And I never really got into Atlanta, Miami or Orange County.

But, my favorite television discovery came along when I was browsing the shows on Hulu Plus this weekend. I pay $8 a month for Hulu Plus, which streams through out Blu-Ray player. And it’s worth every penny. I’m bad about remembering to record shows, so I can find most of them there. The real treasure though is that it has a vault of old shows- and many of which I watched during my angsty teen years. One of my favorite shows from high school? THE REAL WORLD. I actually dreamed of being on it. To my credit, this was back in the beginning when it was cool and not trashy. I’ve watched it from the very beginning- when it was in New York with Julie and Eric and Kevin, etc. – I was in 7th grade then. I can hardly pick a favorite season- but my top 5 would be Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and L.A. I also loved New Orleans, which was during my sophomore year of college. And then it all just got trashy after that (well, after Vegas).

I’m making my way through San Francisco now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh man, I just can’t get enough. I was watching the episode last night where Pedro calls Puck out for sticking his finger in the peanut butter jar and was just dying laughing. I remember quoting that with my friends in high school all the time. Instant nostalgia.

It’s weird- because looking back on the show now, I remember thinking that they all seemed so old and mature (well, Judd still definitely does) but most of them are at least 10 years younger than my age now. But they still look older to me.

I can’t wait to get home and watch another episode tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you like bagels or wraps? Favorite kind?

Are you a Real World or Housewives fan? What’s your favorite season?



29 Comments on “New Discoveries”

  1. I love finding new products like that. And boy do I love me some RHONJ… it just gets more ridiculous each season.

  2. Thos pumpernickel wraps looks delicious. I’m going to have to search for them.

    I use to really like the RH series but now I can’t stomach any of them. They’ve just disgusted me beyond belief.

  3. Stacy Lazar says:

    I’ve actually been loving the Damascus Bakeryโ€™s whole-wheat and flax roll-ups, which thanks to your delicious description of lunch I’m now officially craving. That wrap looks beyond delish.

  4. Those warps sound and look awesome!! Great find!

  5. Kostandinos says:

    Thanks for sharing! Ordering some Tumaro’s right now… I love Pumpernickel, too! And Sourdough… and Rye…

  6. Bailey says:

    That wrap looks amazing! mmmm

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple weeks and this is my first post. You’re active and healthy lifestyle is very inspiring!
    I’ve always wanted to try a spin class, but it’s so intimidating (especially for an overweight person)! Maybe one day I’ll work up the nerve to try it…

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks for the nice comment and welcome!
      I was REALLY intimidated to try spinning for the first time. And then when I did, I loved it! I have people of ALL shapes and sizes in my classes- from super skinny to extremely overweight. It really is for everyone, and such a great workout! Try it- I guarantee you’ll get hooked (and it never gets boring!!)

  7. nssweetlife says:

    I got those same wraps – but in the “Everything” variety!! I really liked them with hummus, tomatoes, and roast beef. YUMMOLA! And those protein bagels… wow, 28g?!?!? That’s crazy bizness ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I don’t even love pumpernickel but those wraps look SO good. I’m a huge fan of everything bagels so I may just have to seek out the everything version of these.

    The OC Housewives are still my fave. Perhaps it’s the constant sunshine & beautiful scenery surrounding them that makes me prefer their drama to that of the other housewives? I also used to LOVE The Real World. Hawaii is the most memorable in my mind because it was the first season I watched but I think my favorite is still Chicago.

    • Lauren says:

      The thing that really bugs me about the OC Housewives is Vicki’s voice. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me! That being said, I often have it on in the background while I’m cleaning or something. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Oooh I loved Hawaii too… all the drama with Colin and Amaya… and Ruthie…

      • You’re totally right. Vicki is the worst. After I posted the other day, I turned the TV to Bravo, where coincidentally a RHONJ marathon was playing, followed by a few episodes of RHOOC. I may or may not have “watched” about 6 episodes of RH while doing things around the house…

  9. I want protein bagels! That sounds awesome – perfect way to get the carbs and protein in after a workout. Yum.

    I don’t watch Housewives, but I did love the old Real World. SF was my favorite – I loved to hate PUck. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lauren says:

      I always thought Puck was gross- but watching it now, he’s downright disgusting! I do love to hate him too, though. And now I feel sorry for him- he was just so immature.

  10. Corrie Anne says:

    Those wraps look awesome! I love the flat-out wraps. We don’t really have tv at home, but I used to watch the Kardashians when I went to a gym with E! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. WHOA! Those wraps and bagels look amazing!!! I must find them on Amazon and have them shipped ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. janetha says:

    dang! i want to try those bagels!

  13. Wegman’s! That is my holy grail of supermarkets. I literally go there everyday while I am home. I have WF and TJ’s but it isn’t the same.
    I need to find those bagels – were they at wegmans too! And I really like that the wraps are pumpernickel. I’ve been using TJ’s low carb wraps ALOT.

  14. Lee says:

    The Real World was really good until Vegas. Then I just sort of lost interest, although I do sometimes watch the Challenge Shows.

    Wasn’t Julie in the first season 19 years old? I feel like she still looks older than me even though I am 15 years older than her (ack, what?)

    • Lauren says:

      I remember Vegas being the turning point. It was also the first time that pretty much everyone had perfect bodies and was perfect looking. The people before were much more “real” and mature. And then it all went downhill…
      Yeah- Julie WAS young- and I think the same thing (about her still seeming older!)

  15. here’s the thing…the protein bagels I told you about (found them at a texas grocery store) are only 190 calories each for a HUGE bagel… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I might give yours a try…and those wraps? sh*t!!!

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