A Survey

Who doesn’t love a survey? I saw this one yesterday on Laura’s blog and jumped right in. Feel free to copy to your own blog and spread the survey love!

Here goes…

Coke or Pepsi?  Neither. I have never in my life liked regular soda, but did drink my fair share of Diet Coke in college and in my mid-20s. I quit artifical sweeteners cold turkey four years ago. 🙂

Lemonade or Fruit Punch? Again, not something I drink often, but I do love some good lemonade.

Carmel Apple or Cotton Candy?  I kind of think cotton candy is a waste… It just evaporates. Definitely caramel apple. Covered in chopped nuts!

Butterfinger or Snickers? Have to agree with Laura- frozen snickers.

Pudding and Jell-O?  Pudding all the way! Especially butterscotch. Oh. yum. But- I do like jell-o in the form of jell-o shots…

Turkey or Chicken? I absolutely love turkey. Especially leftover from Thanksgiving in the form of a sandwich with cranberries and stuffing or in soup.

American or Provolone Cheese?American “cheese” makes me want to vomit. I shiver just thinking about the big smelly brick of it that my mom used to  buy from the deli when I was a kid. Goat is my fave, followed by really sharp cheddar or Havarti dill…

Crackers or Cookies?  I love both, but will pretty much always pick cookies over crackers. Lately I can’t get enough of these oatcakes.

Pretzels or Chips? Again, both are good, but potato chips from Boulder Canyon are the best, ever (and this flavor is the best chip I’ve ever had)

Mexican food or Japanese food?  Mexican any day of the week! Mexican food pretty much trumps every other “ethnic” cuisine any day of the week. (Like the awesome tempeh+black bean tacos I made last night)

Chinese food or Italian food? Definitely Italian. And preferably anything covered in marinara

Pie or Cake?  I’d have to go with pie. My favorite dessert combo ever is a fruit cobbler or crumble served a la mode, but pie is almost just as good. And don’t ask me to pick a favorite flavor of pie. That would be impossible.

Ice Cream or Cookies?  Why not both, together? I would pick ice cream if I had to choose- I’ll eat it year-round (and I’d much rather have a little bit of the good stuff once in a while than some fat-free or sugar-free chemical version all the time)

Pasta or Pizza? Pizza is my favorite food of all time. I’m a thin-crust girl all the way- loaded with tons of veggies and a few different cheeses. And LOTS of sauce. We make pizza every single Friday night at home! (Side note: MAN, there’s a lot of pictures of homemade pizza on my blog!!)

Soda or Juice? Neither. I’m a big fan of carbonated water though!

Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Truffles? Who cares? As long as it’s dark chocolate, I’ll take it in any form: chips, sauce, bars, truffles… whatever!

Apples or Bananas? I can’t pick between the two. I eat one of each every single day.

Salad or Soup? I’d pick salad, because I eat one almost every day (or sometimes twice). However, whenever I DO make soup, I wonder why I don’t have it more often. My favorite? Maryland Crab. 🙂

Cauliflower or Broccoli? Cauliflower is a little bit more versatile, but I’d probably give broccoli the edge. I love it. Especially roasted with some salt, garlic and nooch.

Onion Rings or French Fries? Even though I am not a lover of fried foods, good french fries are definitely my weakness. I have been known to swap out fries for a salad when dining out, only to steal half of my husband’s fries from his plate.

Blizzard or McFlurry? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Blizzard, but I had a McFlurry years ago… I’m pretty sure it was good… (like chocolate, I’ll take ice cream in any form!)

Fried or Poached Eggs? I love poached eggs. My mom makes them taste better than anyone else can. She uses this really old egg poacher and sits each egg on top of a piece of buttered toast, and it’s just the best tasting egg ever. And for the life of me, I can’t make them taste as good as she can.

Crepes or Pancakes? Pancakes! Especially these coconut-cornmeal pancakes. Crepes are good, but I don’t get the hype.

Hashbrowns or Roasted Potatoes?  I haven’t had hashbrowns in a really long time, but I do love roasting a big mixture of different potatoes in the summertime with olive oil and herbs… mmmmm…..

Oatmeal or Cereal?  I actually would pick cereal, if it filled me up like oatmeal did. I LOVE cereal, but have no control and could easily eat 3-4 “servings” at a time. So by default, I choose my beloved oatmeal.

You can’t really go wrong there!


The COUNTDOWN IS ON! I leave for Colorado in exactly ONE WEEK. I really can’t believe it’s almost here!!!

Pick one or two foods from this survey and tell me how much you love it. 🙂


14 Comments on “A Survey”

  1. cottercrunch says:

    love this survey!! so fun. can i steal it? and those BOULDER CHIPS!!

  2. YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A BLIZZARD? That’s it…we are dining at DQ if we ever meet! And poached eggs….that yolk on some hash browns? I die.

  3. Corrie Anne says:

    I can’t believe you’ve never had a blizzard either! That’s so crazy! Kevin and I were just talking about DQ last night. Lol. We both went with our families quite a bit as kids. My dad loves ice cream so much. And I’d definitely love cotton candy over caramel apples. It’s so pink and fluffy! 🙂 Pizza probably is my #1 too!

  4. Ice Cream AND cookies together is a brilliant answer. I want to change mine now! 🙂

  5. The pancakes look really good, I am a crepe lover, but if I would have to choose between these pancakes and crepes it will be a very tough decision!

  6. The Health Bar McFlurrie is SO good! And I’d take pancakes over crepes, diet coke over diet pepsi (the 2 times per year I actually drink it), and Ice cream and chocolate trump ANY dessert listed…. in my opinion 🙂

  7. The pictures make me want to try all of the food picks!

  8. FitNjess says:

    blizzards def trump mcflurries without a doubt…their cookie dough blizzard is awesome and I just recently tried their monthly special which was caramel cream pie..AMAZING!! and your pancakes pic looks sooo good. Makes me want pancakes for dinner:)

  9. biz319 says:

    Pizza first, Mexican second, then pretzels. Trader Joe’s makes these sesame pretzels that are like crack!

    I was surprised too about how low my calories were – I kind of add them up in my head as I go through the day and put them in at night – because I have to take insulin every time I eat, I rarely eat snacks – 4 shots is enough a day! 😀

  10. Gil says:

    Haha, people have alot of strong feelings about Blizzards. I never had one until a DQ in China, and I will say, after months in a dessert wasteland (haha, play on words…but seriously, why do the Chinese hate sweets??), it was like the best thing I had ever put in my mouth. Still, I haven’t had the urge to get one since, so they must not be better than Breyers.

  11. Maren says:

    This is the most awesome survey!!! I HAVE to do it.

  12. I love that you love pizza and have it every Friday w/your hubby. 🙂 My hubby would be so jealous!!! Maybe I can make it a Friday tradition as well 🙂 I still have to make your beer crust pizza… Friday it is! I also LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Mexican food, and eat it whenever I get the chance 🙂

  13. lgsmash says:

    i am with ya on the frenchie fries! i can NOT say no to fries. EVER.

    And srsly, get yo self a blizzard!

  14. marie says:

    I agree about the cotton candy, it evaporates before you even get a chance to enjoy it. I am pie and ice cream all the way, but I only like a cookie or graham cracker crust, regular pie crust is not worth the calories in my opinion.

    I just wrote down the recipe for those pancakes, I am such a fan of cornmeal, I love the crunch and flavor it adds. My favorite waffles and biscotti both have cornmeal in them.

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