32 while 32

This is a list of goals that I would like to accomplish while I’m 32. Some are big, some are small- but all are attainable. We’ll see how I do!

  1. Buy an iPhone DONE! 4/12/12
  2. Get my personal training certification
  3. Lose 15 lbs (or at least fit back into my “hot” clothes)
  4. Clean and organize my home office
  5. Pay off any remaining balance on my credit card
  6. Teach my dogs to not freak out when the doorbell rings
  7. Get a (real) haircut DONE! 3/25/12
  8. Plan out a timeline for our Colorado move
  9. See a game at a ballpark I’ve never been to
  10. Travel to a new city
  11. Go ziplining in Harper’s Ferry
  12. Hike a 14er in Colorado
  13. Redesign my blog (and move to self-hosting)
  14. Find a new (local) trail to run and hike
  15. Bake my own bread (in my own kitchen)
  16. Buy a new bike
  17. Plan a DC blogger get-together DONE! 3/23/12
  18. Upgrade my laptop
  19. Take a class or workshop (non-work related!)
  20. Visit a museum in DC that I’ve never been to  DONE! 3/17/12
  21. Try out a ‘new to me’ ethnic food restaurant (I’ve never had Morrocan or Cuban…)
  22. Go to a concert
  23. Do something about my cd collection (which is currently just sitting in Rubbermaid bins)- organize it, get rid of some, burn MP3s, etc.
  24. Do something that scares me
  25. Download and read a book onto my iPad
  26. Print out wedding photographs and make an album
  27. Try Zumba (I’m uncoordinated and can’t dance, so this is a challenge) DONE! 3/14/12
  28. Take a hot yoga class
  29. Visit either the Baltimore or DC zoo
  30. Get a facial (I’ve never had one!)
  31. Improve the interior design of our home
  32. Make a garden that I can grow vegetables in (without killing them)

7 Comments on “32 while 32”

  1. Corrie Anne says:

    Ooo.. I like #8!! Zumba is not too bad! There were definitely be worse people than you! I used to take aeorobics classes where I was the only non-Latina. I survived. You’ll love it! I want to try hot yoga too! And let me know if you figure out #6!!! 🙂

  2. Gil says:

    Ooo, you should take Zumba with Joe’s sister–she is SO energetic and fun!
    I heard a new Cuban place just opened in downtown Frederick…I worked at the closed Cuban cafe
    for a hot minute in highschool…the pay was terrible, but I got a ton of delicious free food. (Also tastier than my experiences with Morrocan, but maybe I just dont know what to order??)
    The DC zoo is FREE–can’t beat that 🙂
    If you get a facial, I hope you post about it! I kinda want one but Im afraid…

    • Lauren says:

      What’s her name and when does she teach? I know of three instructors there, and none are her… are you sure she’s at Fitness First?
      I remembered that you worked at TBC- I never even went there! I’ll have to try the new on though.
      I’ve been to the DC zoo a bunch, but not in a long time. I hear the Baltimore one is awesome (i’ve never been).
      Maybe we should get a facial together! 🙂

      • Gil says:

        Yep, Fitness First. She just got her very own classes, some time around 5pm–look on the schedule for Erin Mielke. I used to “take” Zumba with her over the summer when she was practicing to get certified, and it was so fun–I feel like she is more about really getting you sweating (she herself Zumba’ed off 60lb of pregnancy weight for goodness sake) than getting super technical about dance moves. I’d love to go to her real class…
        Id brave up for a facial! But arent they supposed to hurt? I can barely stay in my seat for a pedicure. Catherine talked me into getting my legs waxed with her once. Worst idea EVER. About halfway through, I couldnt decide who I hated more, her, or the waxer!

  3. Katy says:

    You have to get a facial, they are amazing (and don’t hurt!)!!! I would take a facial over a massage anyday!! I have had a bad one before, but that was because of the girl doing it. Otherwise, the rest of them have been perfect! Correct facials do have a part where they use a tool to “pick” out blackheads, or something to that effect. It doesn’t hurt, just feels a little different, more so for the teeny tiny pop noise you hear/feel. And you leave with your skin feeling SO refreshed and younger looking (plus the shoulder massage you get is pretty good too)!!

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