Using your noodle(s)

I made a great discovery last week, thanks to my friend Brie.


When we had that super delicious dinner at Great Sage last week, our seaweed salad also had kelp noodles in it. They have a really great texture and crunch. The noodles don’t have much flavor on their own, but they are a great addition to any type of salad, and can also be substituted for many different dishes that would have a different type of noodle.

I threw some in my kale salad (sans carrots + tomato) that I had with lunch today.

I haven’t experimented with them much, but there were some recipes on the back of the bag that I purchased that sounded awesome (like stir fry, pad thai, etc.).

The best part? Each serving has 6 calories. And you can eat the entire bag for 18 calories. I can’t imagine how many strands of pasta I could get for 18 calories… maybe 5? It’s all about volume, people!

I was thinking at first that it might be similar to Tofu shirataki noodles that were all the rage a few years ago (I personally DO NOT care for the texture of them)- but these are way better, in my onion.

I’m not endorsed by Sea Tangle products in any way- but GO BUY THESE!  (I’ve just gotta share a good product when I find one!)

What’s your favorite super-crazy-low-calorie food find (That actually tastes good)?


11 Comments on “Using your noodle(s)”

  1. YUM – Okay I need to go get a bag of these. Your salad looks delish!

  2. Maren says:

    I’ve looked but it doesn’t seem like we have those here in Norway.. Ah welll…. can’t have it all, right? 🙂 Thanks for keeping an inspiring blog!

  3. I need to find some kelp noodles ASAP! I typically use spaghetti squash or Fiber Gourmet or spiralized zucchini if I’m craving pasta. And I do use tofu shirataki noodles but you have to prep them properly. I always use mine in stirfries so I pan fry the noodles which helps with the texture but not the initial smell…

    And I’m really going to have to take a trip up to Great Sage!

  4. Kelp noodles?!? I’m SOLD! Hoping to goodness that we have these up in Canada…

    Love this recipe, I’m jonesing for some of that right now!

  5. Beth says:

    Woah the whole bag for 18 calories!?!?! Where did you find them??

    • Lauren says:

      I got them at Roots, which is a little far from you. I’ll keep my eye out at Whole Foods and let you know if I see them there. I didn’t even know they existed until my friend pointed them out while we were at the store.
      (And the bag is big!)

  6. Gil says:

    Shoot! China loves these things, but I had no idea you could get them here…
    Do you ever eat toasted nori? That’s one of my “super-crazy-low-calorie” go-to snacks if I’m feeling munchy.

  7. Alexiasana says:

    i think my favourite super-crazy-low-calorie food is wakame. I bought a huge bag of dried wakame recently and to make it you just need to soak it in water for 5mins and add a dressing (in my case a splash of soya sauce, lemon and olive oil) or eat plain! it increases 5times its volume when soaking and u can eat a MASSIVE bowl for basically NO calories

  8. Kristin says:

    Wow, I’m shocked that Kelp noodles are so low in calories! I love that you add it to your salad. This is a great idea!

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